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The objectives of Get Golfing are to increase participation in golf, nurture a culture of inclusion at our venues, and promote the use of our facilities to non-golfers and other non-profit organisations within our communities.

Get Golfing’s CEO, Edward Richardson, proposed that we collectively adopt a different strategy for 2022 where the Club as a whole dedicate its support to one local charity. Get Golfing have hired a designated member of the team who will work with the Captain’s and the chosen charity to promote the following:

  • Fundraising within the membership and visitors for the local charity.
  • Support the charity by creating greater awareness within both the club and the local community, to increase engagement with the charity.
  • Use of club facilities at no cost.

By coming together as a Club, we can achieve more:

  • We can raise more funds for the chosen charity without having to constantly chase members for greater contributions.
  • We can enhance the awareness that the charity’s good work.
  • We will play an active role in helping our local communities and bringing us together in a common goal.
  • We will expand the impact of the chosen charity through our support and the use of our facilities.

Our Club Charities

Mill Green Golf Club

The Club at Mill Green have been hosting a Music24 Dementia Music Cafe in 2021 and are excited to partner with them in 20222. We aim to, not only raise funds to expand their provision but base a community choir at the club and increase their capacity to deliver 1 on 1 sessions to those housebound. We hope to get members volunteering with the group and embed them into the club community through joint social events and also get them playing golf. 

  • About Music24

    Music24 provides music therapy and other music-related activities to various groups in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire. We specialise in providing community music therapy groups, community choirs, singing cafes and one-to-one music therapy. The charity works with a number of groups including adults with learning disabilities, mental health conditions, neuro-disabilities, people with dementia and their carers and those who are elderly/frail. People accessing our service are typically at risk of being socially isolated and vulnerable and live with ill-health or some form disability.

    Music24 originally started as a not-for-profit in 2014 and has since developed its services to become the charity it is today. We provide opportunities that build strong and supportive communities, whereby music is used to help reduce loneliness and isolation, improve wellbeing and confidence and build a social support network. We offer a range of activities facilitated by our highly-skilled Music Therapists and Community Musicians. This includes group music therapy sessions that are led by a versatile team to provide an opportunity to sing familiar songs, write/improvise new songs, play the drums and other percussion instruments, thus enabling people to explore the world of sound and ‘live in the now’.

    To find out more about Music24, click the button below:


  • Our fundraising journey so far

    Check out how The Club at Mill Green has been doing on their fundraising journey with Music24 so far: