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Mill Green Golf Club

Club news

From Gary Walsh, Golf Operations Manager: We are all really looking forward to seeing you back at the Club where we are close to finishing off the refurbishment of the clubhouse. Be assured, we will be ready to welcome you to the Club as much as the Covid regulations allow us.

Now that the clubhouse refurbishment is close to completion, the next stage of Get Golfing’s investment in the Club will start, with a major improvement to the course.

In addition to a significant increase in the course maintenance budget, Get Golfing has allocated a major capital sum to to improve the bunkering.

Mill Green Golf Club

Starting this Monday, we will begin a wholesale bunker renovation project, which includes some re-design work, new drainage, and the installation of a permeable rubber crumb liner that will ensure we do not get subsoil and stones/flints migrating into the sand. We anticipate this project will take 12 to 14 weeks to complete.

Post completion, the course will be bruised in a few areas, which we believe will take until late September to heal. Once completed, however, we are confident that you will find a vast improvement in your playing experience.

Mill Green Golf Club

While works are underway, the perimeters of the bunkers will be turfed and the surrounding/damaged areas will be hydroseeded and designated Ground Under Repair (GUR). We will be using pre-germinated seed in the hydroseeding process. It is considerably more expensive than standard seed but it ensures a faster establishment of grass, which means that these areas will be back in play sooner (with good weather). All of the affected bunkers will be marked as GUR and a free drop must taken. We will provide regular updates at check-in on which bunkers are in or out of play.

On holes greatly impeded by machinery, short-term temporary greens may need to be introduced to allow work on the bunkers to be carried out safely. We assure you that this work will take place during the week whenever possible. Clearly, there may be some disruption to play throughout the renovation programme, so we would appreciate your patience throughout this period and we can assure you that the end result will be worth the short-term inconvenience.

Mill Green Golf Club

I would also like to remind you all that from March 29th, the course will return to its original layout. This means that what has been the 10th hole for the last number of years will now be the 1st. The new scorecards have been delivered and will be available from check-in.

Finally, with more than 45 new Members joining us since the start of March, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of them to the Cub. You have joined us at an exciting time with Get Golfing continuing to invest in both the clubhouse and the course.  

Course News


From Andy Copeland, Course Manager: We have been fortunate with the run of drier weather through March that has allowed us to take on a huge project to renovate all greens, tees and approaches.

We wanted to go early and aggressive so we could improve the turf and soil health, which ultimately means better playing surfaces. We started off by hollowing coring the 15th, 16th and 17th tees, approaches and greens. With these three holes being in the woods they needed a little extra help to manage water retention in the soil.

The remainder of the main course and Romany were tined with 19mm solid tines, overseeded, top dressed and finally fertilised. All tees and approach have been granular fed for the first time in many years, this will give us great recovery and steady growth over the next eight weeks.

Fairways have been sprayed with a soluble iron to help pin back the moss that increased through lack of traffic around the course. It also strengthens the leaf and gives a much greener look. They have also received a granular feed with an organic fertiliser. This will break down over the next few weeks into April providing superb growth and colour.

Bunkers: As Gary explained above, we have started the redevelopment of all our bunkers on the golf course. Over the last few years, we used a huge amount of man hours de-stoning them, only for the next downpour of rain to bring as many more through and the sand to be washed off the faces. We have walked the course and placed bunkers cleverly and visibly off the tee and fairways to improve your golfing experience.

Existing drainage will be cleaned up and improved. New bunkers will have drains put into them. Once the drains are done, we will start to rubber line them to stop stones coming through. As a result, they will drain quicker and keep sand in the right places. The perimeters of the bunkers will be turfed and the remainder of the bunker banks and other worn areas around the course will be hydroseeded.

We appreciate there will be some disruption for the next few weeks but, given the pain we have all had with damaged wedges and poor lies, we think it will be worth the investment and effort put into them.

Machinery: We have purchased more machinery that will improve our daily operations. A new rough mower, utility vehicles and blower will hit the fleet over the next few weeks.

Irrigation: At the beginning of April, we will be reconnecting our approach watering system to our computer. Once this is done, we will be back to running automatic cycles to maintain good grass coverage through the summer months.

Staff: We will be recruiting for staff over the next few weeks to increase the size of the team. We want to be able to rake bunkers daily, divot tees and fairways 2-3 times a week, strim areas that normally lose priority and to continue to improve the golf course. We will also be increasing our staffing levels for the weekends, so that we can mow and present the course to its best conditioning, every day of the week.

We are extremely excited to welcome you back to see the improvements around the golf course. The weather has been ordered; the greens are ready and it’s time to WD40 your golf swings … FORE!

Captains updates 


From Chris Lane, Men’s Captain: We have received an excellent entry for our first competition the Spring Meeting on April 10th. If you havent booked in yet theres still time available, the closing date is April 9th at 5pm. Those who have entered please pay you entry fees before the competition. As we don’t yet have a screen to enter scores, you can either enter your score on the app or leave your card in the box at golf checkin at the end of the competition. Please make sure your card is completed correctly and signed. 

Don’t forget to book in for the Phoenix Trophy and St George’s Stableford. 

More competitions follow in May and we start the Chiltern Breakfast League and the Foxes matches. 

I am in the process of arranging a few social events details will follow in due course. 

Captains Day is on Saturday July 17th, so please keep that day free (all Members) when there will be a full day of activities. 

Enjoy your golf. 


From Carole Frater, Ladies Captain: Ladies, I am looking forward to seeing you all as we come out of hibernation and begin playing our golf once more at Mill Green. 

As you all know the course is being restored to the way that it was originally designed by Peter Alliss amongst others. 

Whilst this is being done, your handicap committee has taken the opportunity to reassess the stroke indices of all holes on the course. This information has been handed to the Club and new score cards will be produced. 

The committee has met several times during lockdown 3.0 and you should have received two sets of minutes. I apologise that some parts of the minutes got mixed up but this will be corrected at our next meeting. 

When entering any of our ladies’ competitions please dont forget to add your payment sticker to your card. 

The planned refurbishment for our clubhouse is progressing well and it won’t be long until we can enjoy the new surroundings, and I look forward to seeing you all there. 

The Millers 

From Chris Hale, Seniors Captain: Our first event of the new season is a Stableford on the March 31st. The following Wednesday (April 7th), we slip into Three clubs and a putter” and, on April 14th, we will play the Rabbits Trophy Stableford. Everybody can play but only Members with handicaps of 23 or more can win! Please sign up to all of these on the Club website. We hope these events will get everybody up and fit for the summer.  Well, here’s hoping! It will be great to see everybody. 

As in previous years we are holding a Summer Knockout and our Order of Merit. Unlike previous years, we are opening the Summer Eclectic to all those who play regularly on a Wednesday. It will be interesting to see who wins. There will no entry fee but a substantial prize paid out from our Millersfunds. 

Sadly, we have had to cancel some of our early-season interclub matches. The upgrading of the clubhouse and the Covid restrictions just make these impractical.  I am hoping we will be able to get some matches played as the summer progresses. Please join us if you have not before, they are great fun. 

The date for the Millers AGM will be on Tuesday, June 29th.  We will hopefully then be free to meet up with few restrictions. Two members have offered their services to the Committee, Richard Lewzynski and Peter Miller. I am looking forward to their election and very grateful for their support. 

Competition news 

Our first Race to Le Touquet event, The Phoenix Trophy, will take place on April 17th. This is the start of a special, six-competition campaign that will see the bestperforming golfer from both the Men’s and Ladies sections travel to (Pyrford or Le Touquet) to compete against the winners from the other six Get Golfing clubs. The winner of that will be travelling to Thailand, all expenses paid, to play in a pro-am, courtesy of Singha Beer.  

These competitions are open to all Members and we expect there will be a great atmosphere around the Club on competition days. If you feel your game is a little rusty after the lockdown period, why not come along to one of Mark’s or Jack’s free groupcoaching sessions to pick up some tips and improve your chances! 

Along with the competitive golf we have on offer, starting April 14th, we will be hosting fun social evenings at the Club. Whether you are just getting started on your golfing journey or a competitive player looking to relax and enjoy some fresh air and good company, these evenings are open to all. Feel free to bring a friend along on Wednesdays or enjoy some time on the course with your family on Friday evenings.  

Get Golfing Wednesdays

Every Wednesday this summer from April 14th. Play 9 holes on the Romany 9 between 4-7pm and enjoy a burger and a pint or wine or soft drink afterwards. 


  • Beef burger 
  • Chicken Burger 
  • Vegetarian Burger 
  • House Beer, Wine, or soft drink 

Members: £10 

Visitors: £15 

Family Fun Fridays

Every Friday this summer from April 16th! Play 9 holes on the Romany 9 between 3-6pm and enjoy some food and drink afterwards. Kids play for free. 

Special Menu (chargeable per item)  

  • Burger & Chips  
  • Pasta  
  • Salad  
  • Lasagne 

Members and Under 18s: Free  

Visitors: £10 

Clubhouse News


We now move into the 12th week of the refurbishment programme and while things are really starting to take shape, Site Manager Andy Kavanagh and his team have faced some challenges that have pushed the completion date back to April 12th. This is mainly due to the delay in the removal of the wall separating the old committee room and Spike Bar.  

The good news is the wall has now been removed and the team have been able to continue making progress. The plasterers are finishing up, the function restrooms are coming along nicely, and the new Players Lounge bar has been tiled and the new flooring has arrived. The decorators have begun their work and we expect to see some real progress over the next few weeks. 

Events news

From Nicola Callander, Events Manager: With little to no events taking place during 2020, we are looking forward to filling up the diary with plenty of social events for you all to enjoy in our newly refurbished clubhouse 

We have been working on ourWhat’s On’ page, which can be viewed by clicking here. Please check in regularly as we will be updating our social events schedule along with any food & beverage specials that may be on. We will also keep you updated via email and through our social media pages. 

Events at Mill Green will be starting from April 12th in line with the current restrictions and will run for the remainder of the year. Examples of events that will be taking place are BBQs, Coffee Mornings, Fathers Day Breakfast, Patio Parties, Night Golf, our first annual Autumn Ball and many more. All events will be open to Members and the wider community, and we expect they will create a real buzz around the Club.  

We are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible membership experience at Mill Green. We recognise the importance of a full schedule of social events to give you the opportunity to mix with your playing partners off the course as well as invite your family and friends to socialise at your Club. If any Member has any suggestions for events they would like to see added to the calendar, please do not hesitate to let us know.  

With the clubhouse refurbishment nearing completion, we are now taking bookings for all events. If you, your family or your friends are planning an upcoming celebration or you are a member of a club requiring a regular meeting venue, please do not hesitate to contact us to get your date booked in. 

I look forward to meeting everyone in the coming weeks. In the meantime, stay safe! 

From Chris Lee, Clubhouse Manager: To start off it will be great to welcome everyone back to the club and get you out playing. 

Because of the refurbishment work, the Food & Beverage team is slightly limited in what it can offer you at the moment but rest assured we are still able to offer nearly everything you experienced and enjoyed before. 

While the food and drink offering is still pretty comprehensive, the way we deliver it to you in these challenging times will be slightly different. We have snacks and food to go options available from checkin and the oncourse Food & Beverage Buggy will be out and about.  

During your round we will have a menu on the old 17th Tee (now the 8th) which you can use to call in and order food and drinks to take with you for the second half of your round. We are still able to offer you the full range of our drinks but, of course, we must meet certain criteria for the alcohol service. 

The team and I look forward to serving you some of the great items we have on offer. 

Advertisement opportunities 

As we come out of a third national lockdown, golf courses across the country will enjoy unprecedented levels of demand and Mill Green will be no exception. We expect a high volume of footfall throughout this coming year between golfers, function and event attendees, and members of the local community. With this in mind, we will be offering a range of advertisement opportunities through signage, business card displays, digital advertising on-board our buggies and more.  

With such a diverse audience ever present at the Club, our customers are most probably your potential customers too.  

If you would like to discuss advertisement opportunities at Mill Green, please contact Gary via [email protected] or click here to arrange a meeting.  

Pro news 

From Mark Day, PGA Fellow Professional: Free Group Coaching with our PGA Professionals. 

April 17th: The Power Hour: 14:00 

Mark Day, England Golf National Girls Lead Coach, will be sharing with Members how to increase and maximise clubhead speed in this series of sessions. Mark will be sharing with participants how posture and start dynamics might help you hit the ball further. During the session, he will deliver a short clinic with the opportunity for you to explore new ideas and ask questions about how you can increase clubhead speed. 

April 22nd: The Flatstick Challenge: 19:00 

Who is up for the flatstick challenge? Mark will be hosting an evening session on the putting green where Members will get the chance to ask any questions regarding the challenge and how you can improve your putting. We’ll have some fun and friendly competition on the evening and will be focusing on holing more footage over 18 holes.  

April 6th: Girls Taster Session 

This free taster session for girls is an introduction to golf and the Mill Green Girl’s Academy. This one-hour taster session is hosted by Mark Day, England Golf National Girls Lead Coach, and offers girls between the age of 8-14 yearsold the chance to try some skills and play some holes on the Par 3 course. During this time, participants and parents will be able to ask any questions and discuss all that is available for girl’s progress and enjoy their golf at Mill Green Golf Club. 

April 7th: Women’s Taster Session: 

This free taster session for women is an introduction to golf and the Mill Green Women’s  Academy. This onehour taster session offers you the chance to try some skills and play some holes on the Par 3 course. Hosted by Mark Day, England Golf National Girls Lead Coach, you will be able to ask any questions and discuss all that is available for you to progress and enjoy golf at Mill Green Golf Club. 

To sign up for any of the above sessions, please email [email protected]. 

From Jack Grogan, PGA Professional: I will be running four free coaching clinics for Members throughout April, covering a wide variety of shots that we encounter on the golf course. Below is a breakdown of dates, times and a little insight into what will be covered during the clinics. 

April 8th: Putting clinic: 18:00-19:00 

In this session we will explore some of the key areas when putting including posture, alignment and stroke. We will aim to touch base on some of the key components to build your confidence on the putting green and ultimately save you shots on the golf course. 

April 15th: Chipping Clinic: 18:00-19:00 

This clinic will be covering the areas of chipping around the green from the fringe or second cut. The aim of the session will be to show you the different options that are available to you to use when just off the green and, hopefully, find the one that is most suited to your style enabling us to get the ball closer to the hole. 

April 22nd: Pitching Clinic: 18:00-19:00 

When we talk about pitching in golf, we are mainly talking about distances from 25-75 yards from the hole. As with chipping, there are various different ways to successfully hit a pitch shot and we will try to cover a couple of ways that I believe to be the simplest and easiest way to pull this off successfully. 

April 26th: Full Shots: 18:00-19:00 

This session will have a slightly different structure to the previous clinics and will be based on the range. The idea will be for you to come along and practice what you feel you are weaker at (short irons, long irons, driving etc). Throughout the hour, I will spend some time with everyone trying to give a more personal insight into your swing and supply you with some tips and coaching points for you to put into practice and help improve your game. 

To sign up for any of the above sessions, please email [email protected]. 

Staff news 

New staff: We are pleased to welcome two new members to the Golf Operations Team 

Morton Love, a founder member of Mill Green, has joined us as Course Marshal. Morton having organised numerous societies and spent a number of years in management in the hospitality industry, is well equipped to manage pace of play and assist golfers out on the course. 

Tom Horsley has joined us as Golf Operations Assistant. Tom has previously worked as a greenkeeper at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club and is now looking forward to starting his career in golf operations. 

Congratulations Gary!

Mill Green’s Golf Operations Manager Gary Walsh has been named a PGA TGI Golf Assistant of the Year for the second year running. 

Gary, who is now in his third year of the PGA Training Programme (run in conjunction with the University of Birmingham), was recognised by the PGA for achieving the highest marks in coursework and exams in the PGA East region.  

Each year three PGA Assistants (one from each of the three years) are rewarded in each region for their hard work during the year.   

The PGA Training Programme is recognised internationally for the quality of the educational experience it provides to PGA Assistant Professionals. The three-year programme covers a wide range of subjects relevant to a career as a PGA Professional and tests individual knowledge and skills through rigorous assessment. 

Launching very soon... your personal Pro Shop


Developed exclusively for our members, the Get Golfing Pro Shop has a comprehensive range of golf equipment to cater to all your golfing equipment needs – whether you are a scratch golfer or a beginner, we have the right products for your game.

In addition, as a member of a Get Golfing club, you can pay with your Member Club Card to get the best discount. We will then deliver your purchases to your club for free, so there is no waiting around for deliveries at home and a good excuse for a few holes!

Finally, best of all… every penny of profit the shop makes will be invested back into your club!