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Club news

From Gary Walsh, Golf Operations Manager: It has been great to welcome you all back to Mill Green over the past few weeks. We hope that you have enjoyed your return to the course and we now look forward to a great Christmas followed by an exciting 2021. 

With the upcoming refurbishment of the clubhouse and the continued investment into the course, Mill Green will continue to grow and improve over the coming months. The introduction of our new seven-event Order-of-Merit, along with a number of exciting new Open and Member competitions throughout the year, will ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to play both fun and competitive golf, with your fellow Members and guests.

We have now set up the touchscreen, which will offer Members and visitors the option to enter  their social scores for handicap purposes. To use the touchscreen Members can input the first three letters of their surname, select their account, register their intent to play a social round and input their scores after completing their round. 

A similar process can be followed by Member guests and visitors by inputting their CDH number. The touchscreen will be sanitised regularly throughout the day and we also ask players to use the hand sanitiser provided before and after using it. 

Receiving your first club handicap is a big milestone in a golfer’s journey and we are here to support you. Any of our current or future Members who would like some help in sorting out their initial handicap, please contact us and we can talk you through the process and arrange playing partners to mark your scorecards. 

The whole team at Mill Green would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy Christmas and and all the best for the New Year.

Season’s greetings from Get Golfing

A brief message from Edward Richardson, Get Golfing CEO, to wish all the golfers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Food and drink news

From Chris Lee, Clubhouse Manager: The kitchen and bar team would like to thank you for your support since we have reopened. Although the experience from us as a Food & Drinks team is not the same as prior to lockdown No. 2, in many ways we are still able to offer nearly everything you enjoyed before — it’s just a different way of delivering it to you! 

We have most of the main menu from before on offer currently and are still operating daily specials that are available via the grab-and-go menu at check in or on the Terrace before or after your round. 

During the round we have the menu on the 9th tee that you can use to call in and pre-order food and drinks to take with you for the second nine. We are still able to offer you the full range of drinks but, of course, we have to meet certain criteria for the alcohol service.

We are pleased to announce that we have a new award-winning, coffee supplier on board in Lost Barn Coffee. I hope you will enjoy the new products they offer and I am very much looking forward to working with them to improve the hot beverage experience here at Mill Green. The team and I look forward to serving you some of the great items we have on offer.

Competition news

We hosted our first Christmas Swing Open competition on December 12th and it was a fantastic day. Some 96 players took part on the day and enjoyed an 18-hole Stableford competition and some delicious food, thanks to our F&B team. The brandy with hot chocolate as well as the mulled wine served by the 10th tee proved to be very popular on the day!

The results from the golf are as follows:

Club handicap results and prizes

1st: Dave Brown (17) Mill Green — 42 points £75 on club card

2nd: Shane Forde (21) Mill Green — 38 points (Back 9) £50 on club card

3rd: Alan Parker (14) Mill Green — 38 points (final hole) £25 on club card

Society handicap results and prizes

1st: Bhavesh Patel (18) — 42 points £30 gift card

2nd: Ryan Mann (15) — 39 points £20 gift card

We also offered £50 behind the bar for the best Christmas jumper on the day, which brought out some amazing jumpers and costumes on the day. This left the team with a difficult decision to make and in the end we had to agree to joint winners. Congratulations to Peter Aubusson and Chris Butterworth, both of whom will receive £25 behind the bar. 

We would like to thank all who took part in the day and after the very positive feedback we received, we will plan to host similar events throughout 2021.

Course news

From Andy Copeland, Course Manager: Golf returned at the beginning of December and so did the rain! 

The weather has been tough on golf courses up and down the country but knowing that we are doing all the right things — such as drainage and paths — means that we will be in a much stronger position when we finally see a settled period of dry weather. The course will dry out faster than it has ever been able to before and the playability experience will be so much greater than previous years. 

As you can see from the two graphs — one being year-on-year and the other being August to December — rainfall totals are steadily increasing. In particular, the August to December year-on-year total is increasing and this is a perfect storm for worm casts and fusarium disease on greens.

This autumn we have controlled the fusarium extremely well with very little scarring evident on the greens. This was down to a combination of things but one major factor was having the resources to hand whenever the greens needed it. 

Get Golfing allowed me to buy my autumn/winter stock in September. This meant I was able to spray the greens with a feed, fungicide, dew dispersant and more, whenever they needed it, which gave us much better control and kept the surfaces clean of disease. I’m not one for talking about global warming but when you see stats like this, it does get you thinking!

Once again, we have bolstered our traffic control around the golf course due. I urge all golfers with trolleys or in buggies to play the 90-degree rule and keep your equipment off the fairways. This will pay huge dividends come spring. 

There was a blocked underground drain coming off Ascots Lane onto the golf course. This was overspilling into the woods and flooded the first half of the 2nd fairways (see pic). The water will now disperse properly and hopefully improve this area.

Leaves on trees are 99% fallen and cleared off the golf course. Lots of backpack blowing and we even had Gary out there helping us which was very much appreciated. 

Behind the scenes we have been very busy. We finally repaired the ramp in the greenkeeping maintenance sheds after eight years out of use! This will help our mechanic (Del) to turn a machine round for set up or maintenance. The greens mower has also had a new set of cutting reels, which aren’t cheap. The current ones have 3,500 hours racked up on them and were blunt and not giving the best of cuts to our putting surfaces. The maintenance facility has been cleaned and all old equipment/tools/spares have been scrapped. All hand tools, rakes and dew brushes have all been replaced with new. 

The three guys I had on furlough have all come back to work and they’re excited to crack on with jobs. We are all set up now for 2021 and I can honestly say that the golf course will exceed everyone’s expectations given the resources I have. 

From myself and my team, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 

Captains’ updates

From Carole Frater, Ladies Captain: The ladies section held their ever-popular Christmas Cup competitions during the second week in December. Everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion by wearing cosy Christmas jumpers and some even dusted off their reindeer antlers. Believe it or not this is the first, and the last event that the section has had this year!

Congratulations go to:

  • Karen Bond: Weekend Christmas Cup
  • Gill Goodchild: Division 1 Christmas Cup
  • Cathie Spencer: Division 2 Christmas Cup
  • Anne Westcough won the Champagne draw! Congratulations Annie. 

Thanks have been passed onto Chris Lee and his team for the food, mine was absolutely delicious! Thank yous must also go to the green staff for the condition of the course and the pro shop team for organising and then reorganising our tee times.

It was lovely to see so many smiling faces, chomping on mince pies in the winter sunshine on the patio after our round. As one lady said: “It was lovely to see everyone again. It felt like the time before Covid when the ladies section was buzzing!”

Here’s to more of this buzzy feeling next year when we hope to run our full complement of competitions, events and matches. 

From Chris Lane, Men’s Captain: Due to the current restrictions and closure of the Clubhouse, a few of our upcoming competitions have had to be adapted. Until such time as we get back to some normality, mid-week and weekend competitions will be in the usual Stableford format.

The Phoenix Trophy in January is postponed until later in 2021 and is replaced by a Stableford on Saturday, January 16th.

I hope that the first competition, once the Clubhouse reopens will be the Foundation Cup at the end of March. This will be the first event of a new Members’ order-of-merit called The Race to Le Touquet. Further details to be announced.

It leaves me to wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and let’s pray that we get back to some normality in the Spring of 2021.

From Chris Hale, Seniors Captain: My thanks go out to the many senior Members who have joined us on Wednesday mornings this year. Speaking personally, it has been great to get out, play a bit of golf, have some exercise and enjoy good company. That said, it has not been the easiest of seasons.

The end of the year sees Dennis Durling stand down from the Millers Committee. Over many years Dennis has been part of the fabric of Mill Green and made a huge contribution to the successful organisation of any number of events and activities. He has been Men’s Captain and Seniors Captain and his contribution to the greater good of the Club has been enormous. Dennis: thank you.

We have also seen Phil Stokes move on to pastures new. Our thanks go to him for his unfailing support over many years and our best wishes for the future. 

2020 has been a year of change, not just in the ownership of the club, but also how we record our scores and our handicaps are calculated. I refer of course to the move from Golf VI to Intelligent Golf. A great deal of hard work has gone on behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition. So a big thank you to John and Kay Smith, John Simpson and Nigel Glover for making this all possible.

Nothing happens without the quiet and steadfast support of the other officers of the Millers committee. I speak of Peter Aubusson, David Fowler and Henry Rivers. My thanks go to them as well.

Our past Captain, Peter Bonner, is standing down after many years of committed service. Thank you Peter.

So looking forward, we have high hopes for the redeveloped clubhouse and the improvements to the course. 2021 will come with a busy programme of Wednesday golf. There will be a variety of serious and not-so-serious events, which have been designed for the enjoyment of the senior members of the Club, and some new ideas. 

Have a great Christmas from The Millers: Home of seniors golf at Mill Green.

Pro news

From Mark Day, PGA Pro: Want to Play 12 Days of Christmas? Here are 12 fun games you can play around the Par 3 course to spice up your game and learn new skills. Videos and further descriptions on how to play the games will be posted on my Facebook coaching page: Mark Day Coaching.

Day 1: Odd clubs only — Use your odd-numbered irons only (score as low as you can);

Day 2: Best ball tee shot — Play two shots from the tee and choose your best tee shot (score as low as you can);

Day 3: Halve your putt for GIR — Choose a personal par for each hole. For example, if you like to break 40 on the par 3 then some of the holes will be a par 4 and some will be a par 5. If you hit a green in regulation, you can half the length of your putt (score as low as you can)

Day 4: No wedges — You’re not allowed to use any wedges in the round;

Day 5: Worst ball tee shot – Play two balls from the tee and choose your worst tee shot (score as low as you can);

Day 6: Use a mulligan — Play a mulligan every hole (score as low as you can);

Day 7: Double a birdie score — Using your personal par, you will double a birdie score or better. For example, make a birdie for -1 and count it as -2 etc (score as low as you can);

Day 8 Double a bogey score — Using your personal par you will have to double a bogey or worse. For example a +1 bogey becomes a +2 and a +2 double bogey becomes +4 etc. (Score as low as you can);

Day 9: Drawback a missed GIR — Using your personal par, if you miss a green in regulation you have to draw your first putt back away for the hole a further putter length

Day 10: Play from your partner’s position — If you play with a partner then you can switch balls with your partner three times in a round (score as low as you can);

Day 11: Even clubs only — Use only your even-numbered clubs (score as low as you can);

Day 12: Fairway OoB — This is one for the lower handicaps but fun for everyone. If you hit the fairway then class your ball as out of bounds and play another shot with a penalty (score as low as you can).

January coaching focus for Members: What’s your success to error ratio from 30 yards?

Members can take part in a short-game challenge, where we will measure how many times you hit it inside 5ft from 30 yards away.

FREE Short Game Assessments: Come and join me in January for a free short-game assessment and some top tips on how to score lower from 10-30 yards

This session will be hosted on the Par 3 course on the following dates

  • Wednesday, January 6th at 11 am
  • Thursday, January 14th at 2 pm
  • Saturday, January 23rd at 2 pm

Book here 

Christmas Vouchers

Treat yourself or someone you know who loves golf to some game changing coaching! Half hour lessons and between session coaching, support and monthly action plans from just £25 a month until March 2021

Available as Christmas vouchers to treat yourself, family or friends.

  • 30 minutes coaching for just $25
  • 1 hour coaching – 60 minutes for just £50
  • 1.5 hours coaching – 90 minutes coaching for just £75
  • 2 hours coaching – 120 minutes for just £100

Time can be split up into 30 minute sessions depending on the goals of the student. Buy here

World Handicap System

Submitting a General Play score: General Play scores under the World Handicapping System (WHS) are similar to the Supplementary Scores that were permitted under WHS’s predecessor, the CONGU Unified Handicapping System.

General Play scores, so long as they comply with the requirements of WHS’s “Acceptable Scores”, will be included in the player’s scoring record used for calculation of their Handicap Index.

The following procedure is for General Play scores. If you wish to enter a General Play score at an “away” club, please contact the Club Handicap Committee.

Procedure for General Play Scores at the Club during Covid-19:

Rather than picking up a scorecard from the golf reception desk, you may wish to print your own scorecard. You can find a PDF file for the course on the Club’s webpage.

Play with another Member as your marker, while observing no-contact, social distancing guidelines. Rather than exchange cards, record your gross hole scores on your own card and ask your marker to record your scores separately, so that you can cross-check during and, especially, after the round. Your marker must verbally authorise your gross scores, instead of signing your card physically. It is useful for you and your marker to keep totals, as this can help to identify any discrepancies, during the post-round authorisation check. However, under the Rules of Golf, it is the individual gross hole score, which is authorised by both player and marker, not the totals or points.

You MUST register to submit a General Play round BEFORE you begin playing the round. This can be done via the Intelligent Golf App. When you press “begin scoring”, (found at the bottom of the SETUP screen), your round is then registered, with a timestamp. You can do this at any time on the day of the round, so long as it is before your booked tee time and before you tee off to start the round. The registration time stamp is verified as preceding your tee time booking.

Once you have pressed “begin scoring”, you can enter your gross hole scores on the App, as you play the round. Alternatively, you can just leave the App in that state on your mobile and enter the hole scores after your round. If you make no score on a hole then mark with a zero. If you do not complete the round then mark any holes not played with NS. You must enter your scores before leaving the club. The App will not permit scores to be entered if you are not within the vicinity of the club.

After you have finished the round, ensure that your card has all the essential information, otherwise it will be rejected:
a) The date and time you played your round
b) Your full name, in the header, with your signature at the bottom of the card
c) Indication of which tees you played from
d) Your marker’s full name, written legibly, to indicate who authorised your score
e) In the box for “COMPETITION” write “General Play”
f) The gross scores for each hole.

To avoid physical contact with your marker, or exchanging scorecards, take a photo/scan of the completed card and email it to the handicap secretary. Make sure that the image has the full card, so that no information is cut off. Your card must be emailed, no later than 10pm on the day of the round, even if you did not complete the round or did not hole out at every hole. If a card is not returned by the deadline, a “No Return” will be recorded. Do not put your card in the handicap cards box. Keep it with you for reference, until your score has been confirmed in your handicap record.